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Dear Company Manager,

Do you know that.. Your company is probably..

  • Losing a potential sum of money due to wastage in production line..
  • Facing a hard time maintaining the customer satisfaction level, not to mention improving in it..
  • Cracking your head trying to improve production while spending less, and at the same time maintaining the product/service quality..
  • Taking tough punches from your market competitors..

Honestly, how many, if not all of the above, rings true to you & your company?

Does Your Company Really Need Lean/Six Sigma Training?

Simply do a search online, you’ll find millions of reasons why your company needs Lean/Six Sigma.. How applying proper 6 Sigma strategies can immensely benefit your company? It is things such as:

  • Want more happy & loyal customers? Get Six Sigma
  • Want to cut down wastage, increase product margins, whilst improving in product quality? Get Six Sigma
  • Want to improve employee satisfaction & have them work even harder? Get Six Sigma
  • Want to stand out from your competitors? Get Six Sigma.

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Yes. No joke. We’re serious.

We at MBizM understand what your company needs. And we’re going to help you achieve a higher ROI than ever before.

Take it as our gratitude to you, you can take this opportunity and see if your company really needs this ‘over-hyped’ Six Sigma training, and if yes, you’ll find out why we are the best.

How’s that for a deal?

You risk nothing at all.

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  • Find out what we’re going to cover in this consultation.
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  • Find out how we’re going to conduct the consultation.
  • And most importantly, so that we can get in touch & help your company grow the best we can!

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Core Training

  • Champions Level Training
  • Yellow Belt Level Training
  • Green Belt Level Training
  • Black Belt Level Training

Special Courses

  • Statistical Analysis Tools in Six Sigma (SATSS)
  • Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

Quality Management

  • Lean Enterprise Training
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 7 QC Tools & QCC / QIT
  • Root Cause Analysis

Consultancy Services

  • Project Identification
  • Project Selection Sessions
  • Project Coaching Sessions
  • Project Tollgate Sessions