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Our Training programme: Statistical Analysis Tools in Six Sigma (SATSS) using Minitab

This programme is designed by Six Sigma Practitioners who found the most appropriate Statistical Tools to be used for Process Improvement Projects. This programme draws case studies and examples from all business sectors ranging from transactional to manufacturing.

This programme is aimed at participants who are working on improvement projects to analyse data using the most useful statistical tools, that are quantitative and intense, necessary for those determined to minimize corporate waste and maximise operational efficiency. This programme would help participants in describing data both graphically and numerically, whilst focusing on concepts, applications and interpretations of the tools used during the DMAIC stages.

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What is Minitab?

MINITAB is a data analysis and graphical data presentation product. It can perform a variety of data analysis and presentation functions, including statistical analyses and graphical presentation of data. With a simple command-line interface, MINITAB supports standard vector and matrix algebraic data input and manipulation, making it a useful statistical training tool.

MINITAB is an easy-to-use statistical analysis and graphical presentation product. For the Macintosh and MS-Windows versions, it features a graphical user interface that allows many procedures to be completed via pop-up menus and dialog boxes. It has many statistical procedures, from the simple to the advanced. It has good high-resolution graphics. It also uses a relatively simple command language that enables the algebraic manipulation input of data in vector and matrix form. Also, MINITAB macro language allows users to customize and save their own statistical procedures.

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Powerful statistics and graphs are just the beginning.

Minitab 17 gives you the confidence you need to improve quality, with features like an interactive Assistant that guides you through your analysis. We specifically designed it to help you succeed at every step of your analysis.


Pick the right analysis and perform it correctly.


Sometimes your biggest challenge is knowing where to begin. Minitab’s Assistant removes any doubt by helping you determine the correct statistical analysis to use. Once you’ve chosen the right tool, the Assistant identifies all the steps you should take to ensure the results of your analysis are accurate and trustworthy.

Start using the software immediately.

Minitab 17′s interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Simple Data Import

It’s easy to import your data from Excel and databases, so you can get right down to analyzing it.


Easily review the results of your analysis with Minitab’s striking and informative graphs.


Trust your decisions. Rock solid interpretations

Minitab’s Assistant helps you confidently respond to your analysis by providing clear reports that help you understand your results and their significance.


Dig deeper into your data

Minitab graphs are powerful tools for investigating your process further and removing any doubt about the steps you should take to improve it.


Automatically update your graphs and control charts when you add or edit data.


Select and examine points of interest, then use them to create alternate datasets and graphs.

Presentation-ready summaries

Sharing your findings with colleagues is easy. Minitab’s Assistant automatically produces a comprehensive, straightforward summary of your analysis that includes relevant graphs and output, and how to interpret them.


Graphs that communicate your success

Minitab’s rich graphs are the building blocks of an engaging and professional presentation. They are simple to edit, and you can export them directly to MSWord and PowerPoint.