AI In Process Improvement

Will AI Disrupt The Consulting Industry? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world. Due to the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity was compelled to adopt digital alternatives to go about their lives as the “new normal” that accelerated the progress of AI development.  Now, with the recent launch of ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI…

Benchmarking in Process Improvement

Benchmarking In Process Improvement

What Is Benchmarking? ‘Benchmarking’ is a systematic management tool in process improvement that measures and compares an organization’s process, product, or service performance[1,2] with those with better performance or those using world-class strategies – a.k.a. best practices[3,4]. Robert Camp (1989)[5], considered the founder of best practice benchmarking, defined the tool as the “search for industry best practices…

What Are The 5 Lean Principles?

What Are The 5 Lean Principles?

What Is Lean? Lean is a philosophical way of working used to detect and eliminate waste in a process based on customers’ perspectives[1,2]. This includes variability and uncertainty involving supply, demand, and time. For instance, prolonged waiting times, delays, defects/errors, and storing and inspecting data – all do not add value that customers are not…

Benefits of LSS in Finance

Benefits Of Lean Six Sigma In Finance

Finance organizations are experiencing challenges due to the growing competition in today’s advanced business environment (Madhani, 2020; Singh & Rathi, 2018). To gain a competitive advantage and stay in business, these organizations need to eliminate operational waste and enhance their efficiency and productivity to better manage their operational capabilities, increase customers’ satisfaction, and achieve their…

Which Lean Six Sigma Belt Suits You Best

Which Lean Six Sigma Belt Suits You Best?

Have you ever had your eye on getting yourself Lean Six Sigma certified but don’t know which certification you should get? Yellow Belt? Green Belt? Black Belt?  Well, not to worry! Scroll down and let’s explore the details and qualification criteria for each Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certification and see which suits you best! WHITE…

Kaizen Event

Implementing Kaizen Event In Your Organization

‘Kaizen Event’ is a focused and structured continuous improvement project, using a dedicated cross-functional team to address a targeted work area to achieve specific goals in an accelerated time frame (usually 1 week or shorter) In layman’s terms, a Kaizen event is an intensive and short-term project where employees of different organizational branches work together to implement actions to enhance and improve an existing process